We are Data-Comp, a company that was born in 1985 as a multidisciplinary firm with the vocation and commitment to offer a quality service, both in the field of economic advice and legal advice, and with the aim of finding solutions to the different concerns of the business and professional life, in order to facilitate, increase and make profitable the economic activity of our clients.

Our comprehensive advisory services in Spain are backed by more than 35 years of professional experience in comprehensive advice in each of the areas that affect the company, that is:

Our main objective is to collaborate with you, offer a close and personalized treatment, quality services that, as a result of our experience and technical rigor, have gained ground in the comprehensive advice sector in Spain.

This close and personalized treatment that we have with our clients is something that should be mandatory from our beginnings, because we like to grow with your company, being this extensive knowledge of your business what allows us to achieve greater added value in our daily advisory activity. comprehensive.

The rigor and confidence in the provision of our areas, confidentiality, as well as our vocation and commitment, are basic assumptions of our quality policy based on compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard; SAS70.


Areas of comprehensive advice in Spain

Quality Management Systems

In turn, Data-Comp, registered with the Personal Data Protection Agency, guarantees, at all times, the correct treatment of personal data protected by law and professional secrecy.

Data-Comp has bet and will continue to bet on the incorporation of advanced technology in the development of this activity, to provide its professionals with access to tools and computer and multimedia resources in order to speed up and increase the efficiency of their actions, offering their clients an external accounting and labor outsourcing service to our clients in the accounting of their operations, as well as reviews of them, together with the management of their labor administrative processes.

The staff that make up our company is young, dynamic and highly involved in each of the business areas, with continuous internal training, which allows us to form fully coordinated multidisciplinary work units for those projects in which a plurality of knowledge is essential. However, each client is assigned a person in charge, which allows a close and personalized treatment with it.

The professionals at assume their comprehensive advisory work in Spain with the commitment to carry it out with full dedication and to resolve it with the utmost diligence possible, within the legal framework and having as the only limit that set by the requirements of excellent quality.


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