Since the beginning of our creation more than 35 years ago, all our objectives have been focused on the provision of tax and accounting areas in Spain offering adequate services, especially in the area of ​​tax and accounting advice, so our proposal is to offer a high quality to our clients, basically as a means for the success of our company.

To meet this objective, at Data-Comp, we provide our business with human resources and training so that today we can exalt our experience in the area. All this has given rise to the creation of a human structure capable of serving our clients with the greatest possible efficiency from the administration, supervision and our entire team of professionals in each of the fields that we cover, today they make us up to the task. that you demand of us as:

Main legal areas

  • Judicial claims with procedural assistance.
    Study of the feasibility of judicial claims with procedural assistance, where appropriate, in administrative, commercial, civil and labor matters, derived from the intervention of the company and the self-employed.
    Both in the position of plaintiffs and defendants, assisting clients in all phases of the process, whether in mediation or in appearance before the courts and tribunals.
  • Bankruptcy processes.
    Pre-bankruptcy strategy, advice and legal assistance in the preparation and presentation of bankruptcy proceedings, representation of creditors, advance agreement proposals, advice to administrators or company managers, etc.

  • Judicial and extrajudicial management of defaults, and delinquency prevention.
    Mediation and negotiation in extrajudicial conflicts, negotiation and drafting of extrajudicial settlement agreements.
  • Corporate proceedings.
    Claims for amount against companies and responsible administrators, procedural execution of social agreements, challenge of social agreements, resolution of corporate conflicts.
  • Contractual procedure.
    Advice on claims derived from contractual relationships, assistance in legal proceedings, interpretation and execution of contracts and contractual conflicts.
  • Arbitration and mediation.
    Advice and representation in mediation, conciliation and arbitration proceedings.

We have tax and accounting areas in Spain

We are a company dedicated to tax and accounting areas in Spain, also recognized in the field of legal advice, where years of experience has allowed us to be a company capable of carrying out any job that has been proposed to us. At Data-Comp we have also intervened in the area of ​​tax repercussions that seek to improve the quality of your work, which is why we are recognized throughout the national territory.


Main tax and accounting areas


  • Comprehensive tax advice.
    Planning, control and monitoring of the taxation of companies, both collective and individual, as well as professionals.
  • Tax repercussions.
    Study of the fiscal repercussions of the different taxes, with the purpose of rationalizing the tax charges, within the framework of the applicable fiscal legislation.
  • Tax planning.
    Definition of tax policy and planning of operations, through prior advice on the most appropriate legal form for the creation of a business.

  • Periodic taxes.

    Assistance in the preparation and presentation of tax declarations, both monthly, quarterly and annual, before the different administrations, whether at the state, regional or local level. Personal Income Tax (IRPF); Corporation Tax (IS), installment payment: direct estimate and objective estimate (modules); Value Added Tax (VAT), special taxes, Property Transfer Tax and Documented Legal Acts (ITPAJD); Inheritance and Donation Tax (ISyD); Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land (IIVTNU -plusvalía); statements for withholdings of workers, professionals, leases, interest on loans, informative statements (annual summaries, model 347, 184, Intrastat, among others).

  • Tax procedures.
    Advice and assistance before procedures with the tax management bodies of the tax agency, attending to the requirements, hearing procedures in liquidation proposals and tax resources that derive from the operations.
  • Tax inspections.
    Assistance and complete defense before tax inspection bodies.
  • Resources and communications with the AEAT.
    Study, preparation, review and processing of all kinds of writings, appeals and inquiries addressed to any Spanish Agency of the Tax Administration addressing the processing and resolution of tax files.
  • Outsourcing.
    Analysis and proposal to work on administrative and accounting processes with our clients based on the needs of their company.
  • Tax inquiries.
    Immediate and updated resolution of tax incidents, delving into legal-tax issues. Regulations, resolutions and jurisprudence of interest to our clients.
  • Special regime.
    Tax analysis of creations, transformations, mergers, splits and acquisitions, as well as company liquidations. Tax neutrality.
  • Tax debts.
    Postponements and installments, procedures before the tax collection bodies of the AEAT, request for installments and deferral of tax debts, and requests for compensation.

Main business areas

  • Corporate operations.
    Incorporation of companies, statutory modifications, changes in the administrative body, merger operations, spin-offs and acquisitions, capital increases and reductions, change of corporate purpose, dissolution and liquidation of companies, LEI codes, etc. Representation at shareholder meetings, preparation of minutes and certifications. In all corporate operations, we take care of coordinating from the study and analysis of the business situation, until the moment of signing at the notary, as well as the subsequent procedures for the management and processing of the document to finish liquidating the corporate operation and registering in the corresponding record. 

  • Legalization of corporate books.
    Presentation of the company's commercial books, delving into the telematic provision of the minute books, register book of partners, registered shares of the company, decisions of the sole partner, etc.
  • State, regional and municipal taxes.
    Study and analysis of the different taxes with relevant aspects of the commercial field. Settlement of taxes, transferred or not to the different autonomous public administrations, making special mention of everything related to the Tax on Patrimonial Transfers and Specific Legal Acts (ITPAJD) and the Inheritance and Donation Tax (ISyD), as well as the Tax on the Increase in the Value of Urban Land (Plusvalía - IIVTNU), Tax on Real Estate (IBI), rate of fords, waste, etc. among other local taxes and municipal fees.
  • Studies and processes.
    All the administrative tasks and procedures of a commercial consultancy, in the development and daily activity of business life, whether operating as a legal entity or as a freelancer. Requests, presentation of allegations, response to requirements, presentation and filing of resources, correction of documents, resolution of incidents, compliance with instances, etc., of any of the tasks mentioned in the previous points.
    Compliance officer, money laundering and criminal prevention manuals.
  • Commercial registry and property.
    Management and daily processing with the corresponding registry, until the total registration of the operation and document.

  • Tax administration.
    All those notifications to the AEAT associated with corporate operations of a commercial nature (registration of activities, census modifications, changes of administrators or representatives, obtaining a NIF card, changes of registered office and tax address, obtaining and renewing the digital certificate of the company, etc. ).
  • Data protection (GDPR).
    Adaptation and application of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons in terms of the processing and free movement of personal data.
  • Intellectual property.
    Registration, renewal and negotiation of trademarks, trade names or industrial designs, both nationally and internationally (OEPM and EUIPO), as well as contracting or trademark or image assignment files.
  • Hiring.
    Study, review and drafting of agency, distribution, commission, intermediation, assignment, partner agreements, participative, loan, sale, business transfer agreements, etc. Also contracting in civil matters; housing lease or different use, work or service lease, sale of goods, transfer of brand, deposit, etc.
  • Consultations in the commercial field.
    Immediate and updated resolution of commercial incidents, delving into legal-corporate issues. Regulations, resolutions and jurisprudence of interest to our clients.


Main work areas

  • Labor contracts.
    Preparation and modification of employment contracts, extensions and their communication to the INEM. Analysis and adaptation of contractual clauses according to business needs.
  • Preparation of payroll and social security.
    Preparation of salary payment files and settlement of social security with the Siltra system.
  • Assistance and legal representation of the company and self-employed.
    Processing of dismissals, sanctions and legal assistance both in prior conciliations and in social courts.

  • Employees.
    Registrations, cancellations, variations in affiliation in the general social security system.
  • Self-employed
    Registrations, cancellations, variations in affiliation in the special regime for self-employed workers.
  • Processing of IT parts.
    Leave reports for temporary disabilities either due to common illness, occupational disease or work accidents.
  • Labor consultations.
    Immediate and updated resolution of labor law incidents and procedures related to social security. Regulations, resolutions and jurisprudence of interest to our clients.
  • Outsourcing.
    Analysis and proposal to work on administrative-labor processes with our clients based on the needs of your company.
  • Social security communications.
    Advice and writings to social security to register, resolve and address all possible incidents of the subjects involved in administrative files of the labor / social field.
  • Collective agreements.
    Study, interpretation, application and updating of collective agreements and collective negotiations.

  • Labor inspections.
    Study and analysis before procedures with the inspection of labor and social security. Assistance and legal labor defense before these procedures.
  • Socio-labour audits.
    Analysis and review of the legal-labor situation of the company, verification and study of the documentation provided by the company itself, and adaptation to the degree of compliance with current legislation on labor and social security matters.
  • Staff costs.
    Analysis and study of labor costs: salary cost, supplements, mandatory and voluntary contributions, insurance, pension plans and funds, direct social benefits, compensation, training, subsidies, tax benefits, etc.
  • Occupational Health & Safety.
    Information and adequacy on the occupational risk prevention service.
  • Pensions.
    Previous study, calculation and application for pensions.